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Frequently Asked Questions

Please go through the Frequently asked questions. Following are the answers to most common questions that may arise in any investor’s mind to know Genius Miners Limited better.

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General Questions

  • Genius Miners Limited is officially registered in United Kingdom. Genius Miners Limited is a leading online investment platform involved in mining & trading of Bitcoin and others small and main business.

  • Genius Miners Limited is open for public who are 18 and fulfill the legal age to take part in our program.

  • Genius Miners Limited has been officially incorporated in 2019. You can check it on the Companies House website:

  • Genius Miners Limited is mainly involved in mining & trading of the most popular & lucrative cryptocurrency in the digital world today. We are a team of Bitcoin enthusiasts who have been mining Bitcoins since its inception in 2009. Subsequently, we also have been trading Bitcoins & making great profits. on the other hand, we are working on different issues such as, buying and selling real estate and tenements, bourse activities on top companies, doing exchanges in the worldwide market of Forex, calling for tenders in different financial and commercial projects, doing small businesses, and so on...

  • You are never forced to invest money on this site. If you are going to invest in this site, we would like to mention the following points:  There is no commercial activity free of risk; even walking in the street is risky! But as our staffs are experienced in different fields, we have tried to minimize the risk of our activities. And we have been successful till now. But we should emphasize that the risk of financial and commercial activities is never minimized to zero.  You should not achieve your principal capital from debt, selling your home, auto, or any other necessary issues in your life.   Always invest the amount that will not make any trouble for you if you lost it.  We will also try to inform our members honestly about monthly or weekly reports, and we try to prove our trustworthiness by holding annual sessions.   Please mention attending that any site which talks about insuring your money, is undoubtedly just persuading you to invest your money there.   Always attend that any powerful site (power based on managing, facilities and other things) may face an unexpected factor that can ruin everything and cause serious problems. Although we try to foresee and get ready to face such factors and avoid them, we feel responsible to aware you about probable risks (although little ones). 

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