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Please read these rules carefully before you start using the website and register an account. By using this website, you confirm that you accept these terms of use and that you agree to comply with them.

  1. *Registration on this site is possible only for those above 18 years old. You admit that you are above 18 by registering on this site. 

    *All user accounts should use proper names when registering on this site. If we face an indecent or improper word, his account will be deleted as soon as we become alert, and such matters being repeated we will interrupt the user connecting this site.    

    *Using the word “Admin” alone or with any other letter is forbidden. 

    *Registering with different names is forbidden and those who do such things will be treated according to the law. 

    *If we find any user using different user names by means of a proxy, VPN or … he will be treated seriously and maybe even banned in the site, and his deposited capital (money) will be under the site manager's control. 

    *Your e-mail will be kept private and only site managers can access it. 

    We will do our best to keep your e-mail address private and not accessible for other individuals, groups or companies. 

    *This site will never be responsible if you trust other people and give them your private information. And also this site will not be responsible if the information’s on the site be destroyed. 

    *This site will send you e-mails sometimes to inform you about important issues. You are agreed to receive them by signing this form. 

    *If you have forgotten your password, you can receive it if you go to the related part named “FORGOT PASSWORD”. Website staffs never do these matters directly. 

    *Denying responsibility: this site serves the present service in this way and without any responsibility. We are not responsible for site disconnection, the problems which may exist, solving the problems according to your needs, but we try and do our best to improve it. 

    *This site has a support section but has no responsibility on the replying speed of replying to the questions, because of the great volume of contacts, but we will do our best to support you fast and powerful. 

    *You are not permitted to use issues on this site in other places else than in site, especially the individual private information and issues about them. 

    *All software components, innovations and designs in this site belong to this site and all rights are reserved for this site. 

    *It is forbidden to use this site for purposes like commercial advertising, marketing, and such other things. To advertise on this site you can call the support section service. 

    *If we face any insolence from a user toward other users, managers or other staff, he will be treated and if needed his access to the site will be denied.  

    *Do not expect to pass a long way in a short time! The stability of this site’s going on is dependent on your cooperation. For improvement and progression in this site, express your honest idea in forums and monitoring after each payment of the site. Ideas far from the reality are not tolerable and if we face such matters from a user, his account will be closed.  

    *The money which you want to deposit in the site, should be from the supplementary of your saved money, and probably lose of that should not cause any trouble in your life. 

    *There is no political, economic or … correlation with this site. Also, there is no correlation between this site and any other group, party, organization, and foundations, especially the terrorists and racists groups. 

    *Individuals who are a member of parties and political or racist groups, also those who are in bands that deal with narcotics, weapons, swindling, and those who have immortality reputation, who are in the blacklist and … cannot invest money in this site. And if such matters are proven the related user account will be closed and their investment will be fined and will be under the control of the site manager and related positions. 

    *Those who invest money here are have obliged that their money is achieved legally and is not achieved against the global commercial laws. If such crimes are found and proven, the related account will be closed and all the investment in that account will be under the control of the site manager. 

    * You have accepted all risks our group is faced in commercial activities by registering and investing money in this site, and you will not have the right to object later. 

    * The least amount possible to deposit is 5 dollars and there are no limitations about the highest amount possible to deposit. 

    Mention: there is no insurance for paying final profit. 

    *payments are automatic and fast as much as possible. 

    *Each financer can introduce an heir. When the financer passes away, the heir can posses the account by submitting confirmed documents. To do this the financer should fill the related form and send them to the site plus needed documents. In this case, when the financer passes away, the in traduced heir can posses the account by submitting a copy of the death document, his own official English translated identity certificate or passport. 

    *To participate in sessions, congresses, and seminars which will be held in different countries from the site, you must fill the related form and send it to us plus needed documents to the company FAX or e-mail. If we find the form unfilled or half-filled, you will be avoiding to participate in sessions. 

    *This site can delete or ban the member (no difference between usual member and special member) if we face any violation. This site is not responsible to explain the reason for such issues.  

    *Any illegal use of this site, or submitting spurious documents or identity and etc to this site is forbidden, and if we find any of such issues, the related account will be closed and he will be treated toward the law by related positions. 

    *This site can change, add or remove any part of this contract at any time. The contract text is always available on the site. If you were against this contract at any time, you can delete your membership. 

    *If there is any unclear point or if you have any questions, do not hesitate to contact us


    *Important: We will not tolerate SPAM or any type of UCE in this program. SPAM violators will be immediately and permanently removed from the program and the entire deposited amount will be under the manager’s control. 


    I have read and understood the law and the article of association carefully, and I agree with all issues, so I sign this contract consciously. If you do not agree with the above disclaimer, please do not go any further.